Pata Kisima na Bwawa bora kwa gharama nafuu na kwa kujali thamani halisi ya pesa yako

the Deputy Minister for Water and Irrigation Hon. Jumaa Aweso (MP)  (the second from right)


Mrs. Domina M. Msonge

Kaimu Afisa Mtendaji Mkuu

Ujumbe wa Afisa Mtendaji Mkuu

Neno la ukaribisho

I warmly welcome you to this official website of the Drilling and Dam Construction Agency (DDCA). Our aim of creating this website is to make DDCA more accountable and close to its stakeholders and the public in general in fulfilling our principal duty of providing water sources through water well drilling, servicing and rehabilitation, construction of storage dams for domestic, livestock, irrigation and industrial water supplies. This website provides electronic access to a wide range of information about DDCA, ranging from our activities, services offered and products. It is our hope that.. endelea kusoma